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If knowing which field or sector you want to work in is half the battle, The other half is finding the right company. Search company profiles from some of the best apprenticeship employers in the UK.

Featured Companies


Supply chain, warehousing & logistics

The Apprenticeship Programme at SIG is an exciting career opportunity.  More than just an ‘entry-level apprenticeship’, we’re committing to developing you over the next 3 years to become a valued specialist. 

BAE Systems


When you join a BAE Systems apprenticeship, you’ll be joining a workforce of more than 93,000 people in around 40 countries – it’s a place where difference is celebrated, ideas are shared and ambitions are fulfilled.


Business & Management

Hiring graduates, apprentices and interns in a wide range of disciplines including product development, packaging innovation, marketing and more, at sites across the UK and Ireland.

Royal Air Force (Engineering)


This is so much more than just a job, from global travel to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF offers you things that no other employer can hope to match.

Royal Air Force (Cyberspace)

Digital & IT

This is so much more than just a job, from global travel to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF offers you things that no other employer can hope to match.

What to look for in a company

When seeking an apprenticeship, selecting the right company is a vital first step in your career. Here are some key things to consider:

Research the company’s standing within the industry and its history. A company with a solid reputation often offers better training opportunities and a more comprehensive learning environment. Stability indicates that the company is likely to support your entire apprenticeship term and may offer further employment opportunities after completion.

Evaluate the quality of the training program the company offers. This includes looking into who will be mentoring you, the structure of the apprenticeship, the skills you will learn, and whether the program is certified or recognized by relevant industry bodies. Good mentorship is critical as it enhances your learning experience and provides you with valuable industry insights and skills.

Consider whether the apprenticeship aligns with your long-term career goals. Look into the types of projects you will be working on and the technologies or skills you will be exposed to. Make sure these align with where you see your career heading. This ensures that the apprenticeship will provide relevant experience that is beneficial to your future career path.

The work environment and company culture can significantly affect your experience and professional growth. Look for a company whose values align with your own. Consider factors like work-life balance, the company’s approach to teamwork and innovation, and how they treat their apprentices. A supportive and positive workplace can enhance your learning experience.

Apprenticeship Wage Rise

By focusing on these aspects, you can select a company that not only provides a robust apprenticeship program but also supports your overall career development and aspirations.